Hannah Gadsby

Last night we made vegetarian fajitas and they we’re so good! We swapped the chicken with halloumi cheese and mushrooms. And since we are sophisticated adults, we enjoyed it with a glass of lingonberry saft (a Swedish word, feel free to look it up).

We are quite good at eating at the dinner table, but since it was the weekend, we decided to eat in front of the TV. The program if choice was Hannah Gadsbys’ stand up comedy show Nanette. I am not the biggest fan on stand up, I guess it’s one of those things you just have to get into. But this was by far the best thing I’ve seen in a long time.

Not only was it funny, it was also eye opening and powerful. I’m really impressed with her strength and courage. To stand up, be wonnerable and share some of our most shameful thoughts are really difficult. She is also very insightful and aware which is so refreshing to see.

What can I say, watch it and let me know what you think! I would love to discuss it further.

I woke up an hour and a half before my alarm went off this morning. The bats were flying outside my window and I settled down with a book in the sofa. I usually go on my phone the first thing when I wake up, but I’m doing a week without Facebook or scrolling on instagram so that wasn’t an option.

I couldn’t think of a better way to start the week.


Rainy Days

Every day this week, we had sun. Beautiful blue skies, a light breeze and one odd fluffy cloud floating by. Basically perfect beach weather. And this weekend?

Rain. So much rain. Rain in the morning, rain in the evening and rain in the middle of the day. That’s a lie, this morning when I woke up, at 5.30am, it wasn’t raining. It was a beautiful sunrise.

I felt like I was in a fog when I woke up, to tired to even open my eyes. I stumbled into the bathroom, sat down and almost fell asleep again. Isn’t the toilet just the most comfy chair? When I came out my eyes had managed to open a tiny bit and through the blur of my almost squeezed together eyelids, I saw some beautiful colours. I was awake in a second, ran around looking for my camera before the sun would rise far enough for the sky to turn grey again.

I watched the sun risen fully before I went back to bed. Feeling lucky to have seen this wonderful spectacle I closed my eyes and went back to sleep.

It has been a very relaxing day, and I’m thanking the rainy weather for it. Because it rained all day I didn’t feel guilty reading my book for hours, cleaning out the rat cage, eating all sorts of snacks.

Nathan fell asleep on my shoulder when we were reading in the sofa, it was the sweetest thing.

I lit all my scented candles and we snuggled with fresh peppermint tea under a blanket. It felt like the best autumn day.

I feel ready for Monday, ready for a new week.

Vegetables Update

Planting a seed and see it grow up to a full grown plant is really satisfying. When you then can harvest and eat something from that said plant, it’s even better. We put down some beetroot seeds a while ago and they have slowly been growing bigger and, yes you guessed it, bigger for every day.

Here they are just peekig up after a week or two in the soil.

When we looked today we saw that it had grown up quite a bit so we decided to pull one up…

Dun dun dun!

So… Yeah… maybe they are not quite ready yet…

But it’s definetly the cutest beetroot I’ve ever seen! Lets quickly move on to the cucumbers.

Look at those pretty flowers! We have been waiting for cucumbers for ever now without seeing any. And then today all of a sudden…

Where did that come from? And only one of them. It was delicious, I can’t wait for more to come up so we can pickle some.

That’s my veggie update for those who’s interested. I do understand that this might be very few people but it’s nice for me to look back and see and remember. Have a great day!

Vet Visit


Today was my rats’ first outing since I got them. I put them in their carrying case with some of their favourite toys and shredded newspaper. They were so good on the ferry, I could even open the lid and stroke them for a while.

It has been a really rainy and grey day today. In Hong Kong it doesn’t really drizzle all day like in England or Sweden. Here it pours down! Hard! And then it just stops.

You get a nice view of the city from the boat. The vet was fairly close to the ferry pier, only a few minutes in a taxi. Since it was raining I didn’t want to walk with the rats.

We went to island exotics. Yes, here in Hong Kong rats are exotic pets and you need a specialist to look at them. They did not do very well with being examined. When the vet held them they used their claws and all the strength they have to get away. Lillan managed to escape and ran straight up on my shoulder.

I’m not gonna lie, I felt quite proud.

Mrs. German Vet looked at me with annoyed eyes and said “Rats are usually very calm and easy to handle”. So when it was Phoenix’s turn I suggested that I would hold her while she listened to her lungs with the little stethoscope.

It turned out Phoenix was fine but Lillan has a cheast infection and needs antibiotics. I got a little syringe to squirt it in her mouth. This was not something she enjoyed or wanted to participate in. Good thing I’m not living alone because this is going to be a battle every day for the next week!

We took the ferry back and then cycled home. The rats are quite a conversation starter. I met an elderly women who was very interested in them, although when she understood that they were not “very big mice” she looked at me with serious eyes and said “You must wash your hands very often”. Then she showed me 49 pictures of her “very naughty cat”.

What a day. I had a nap when I got back home. This evening we went for pizza and then we did an escape room with Ben and Lucy. It was really fun! On the ferry home now and I can’t even describe how excited I am for a day off tomorrow!


I just have to share a very short video that include all (two) trix that my rats can do on command. They can stand as well but that’s not very impressive haha.

On Saturday I have to take Lillan and Phoenix to the vet, I really hope they have the medication they’ll need. Lillan is making a lot of chatting sounds when she’s breathing so I think she need some antibiotics.

I really love them so much, isn’t it strange? If you have a pet you probably understand. Or a child. Or a stuffed toy from your childhood. I’ve had a good week so far, just been working away and spend the evenings playing with the rats and watching TV really. I’ve gone to bed at 9pm every day, I’m such a granny!

How was your week?

Calm Down

I can be a little… loud at times. A little weird and… crazy for some people.

That being said, I hate restricting myself. If I want to climb a tree, dance down the street, sing on the top of my lungs then I will do so. The problem is that now and then I get told to stop. Why do we have to stop ourselves from being who we are? From being free? Especially when we are happy.

Of course, if I’m angry and I feel like shouting at someone, I would love if my friends told me to stop. You don’t want to hurt other people, right? Or even if you sometimes do want to hurt that person for whatever reason, it’s better not since it will give you a lot of unwanted thoughts about yourselves afterwards.

I often feel most comfortable when I’m on my own. Then I can do what I want and be whom (who?) I want to be. When I’m alone I don’t have to feel stupid when someone tells me to “Calm down”.

The reason I’m writing this now is because it happened on Saturday. I got really excited when we went out and talked quite loudly and made some, maybe out there, jokes. When I was told to calm down I felt like all happiness left my body and left an empty, embarrassed feeling of not being wanted for who (whom?) I am. I know that this comment wasn’t ment to hurt, and people have the right to have their own opinions. But I couldn’t stop wondering if it would have been different if I was a guy? If it’s because I’m a girl I should sit more quietly. Or am I just a little annoying in general? I don’t know, but I do know that even if I am, I don’t want to change it if it’s going to affect my happiness. And neither should you.

Ticket to Game

I just want to say one thing. I don’t care about football. At all. I have never been engaged in sport and I’ve always thought it’s a little stupid. I would go and see a play in an empty theatre that would trigger thoughts and reflections of my own life while thousands of people would watch a ball being kicked, thrown, tossed across some grass, ice, air being either happy or angry depending on how the pressured players are performing that day.

Saying this, I went to watch the Sweden-England match on Saturday. I finished work around lunch and we adventured out for lunch at a pub like restaurant. The waiter in this place asked if we lived here or if we were here on holiday. I was shocked! I couldn’t believe it! A waiter who attempted small talk! In Hong Kong! Do I need to say I’m going back? I’ve lived here for a year and a half now and that’s never happened before.

Since we were watching the game, we needed to buy some t-shirts (or jerseys?) so we jumped on a very slow bus to Mong Kok. Me and Nathan got Swedish shirts while Matt and Becky got the English ones. It was so strange, as soon as I’ve put the t-shirt on, I started to care. Care about the game that is. Well, I still didn’t care about the outcome, spoiler allert, when England won I was happy that the majority of the bar jumped up and down. But I somehow felt more Swedish then ever before. And proud? It was weird, I didn’t like it.

Before the game started we had some drinks where I kind of gently forced everyone to play ticket to ride. Is it bad that I was more exited to see the Europe version of this board game then I was about the game?

Moving on.

Nathan definetly got way more into the game then me.

I invited two Swedish guys that we met on the train to came along to watch with us as well so the numbers would even out a little.

Sweden lost, I wanted to go out dancing but we decided to catch the last ferry home. A sensible decision. Yesterday I woke up at 6am by the lovely rooster that moved in next door.

Now it’s Monday and I’m on my way to work. Here we go, new week!