Work and Such

Good morning,

We had a full on day preparing and running a meeting with all of our freelancers yesterday. We now have at least 41 freelancers working for us, which is great! Next week the season will kick off and I’m feeling both prepared and ready for it!

Since the meeting finished late I wasn’t home until 10pm, which is usually my bedtime. But I stayed up for an hour and played with the rats, I want them to feel safe and cared for. I also want them to get used to me being their owner. Willow is getting more brave and now and then she’ll climb up in my shoulder and give my face a sniff before running back down to hide in the little blanket I have in my lap.

I only have pictures of rats on my phone atm… Lillan and Phoenix are going crazy for the smell of the babies. They keep licking my shirt after I’ve had the babies on me.

Everything is going quite well now. My mint is growing and both me and the rats have some every day.

I pop it into a cup with hot water and have it as tea while they just eat it.

We are waiting for a typhoon to hit Hong Kong so me and Nathan are stocking up food, water and snacks. We will also take in all our furnitures, plants and decorations from outside and tape the windows. It’ll be interesting to see the difference in a typhoon now comparing to when I lived in my flat with basically no windows.

Have a great day!



Mini Rats and Mini Golf

Hey there,

How are you feeling today? How’s your body and mind? This is questions you should ask yourself every morning when you wake up. And the following question could be; What do I need to do for myself in order to be happy today?

I woke up feeling quite tired this morning so I made myself a juice containing beetroot, lemon, ginger, carrot and celery. It was so yummy! Then I spend an hour cuddling my babies in the sofa. Rats love my bathrobe and even the shy little cutie ran around quite bravely.

Spot the snoot!

Last night they fell asleep on me again and one of them were holding the other ones tail, it was so sweet.

Sorry for bad quality pictures but I don’t want to use my camera when they are sleepy by since it makes a loud sound and I don’t want to wake them up.

Yesterday I had a full on day at work. We started to ran professional development workshops with each other and we started off the morning learning how to use cue lab. That was followed by a meeting. The term kicks off next week so there’s a lot of preparation to be done atm. Once the meeting was adjourned me and Matt jumped on a train to Sham Shui Po to get some presents for our freelancers. There’s a million markets there, so if you are visiting Hong Kong on a holiday it’s definitely worth a visit.

Oh and the other night me, Nathan and Lexine went mini golfing! Guess who won 😏. You can go in causeway bay, it was actually really fun!

Alright, time to get of the ferry and head to the office. Don’t forget to do at least three things today that make you a happier person.


New babies

Well hello there!

There’s been a month of work, illness and more work. I haven’t had any energy left for blogging, it concerns me a little how tired I seem to be all the time. I’m going to a doctor today so maybe he can take some tests and see if I’m missing some vitamins or whatever it is that gives us energy.

On Saturday we picked up three new family members and they are the tiniest, cutest, friendliest little things I have ever met.

This is girl number one. I can’t settle on a name for her. She’s really friendly and she loves to give me little kisses all over my face. She has the cutest face! Last night she kept open my mouth with her little hands and stuck her head in there. Not scared, this one!

Here’s baby number two. She’s also very brave and friendly. She loves sleeping on my shoulder and she is the only one who doesn’t mind being picked up. She looks like a house elf to me, massive ears and kind of cute-ugly. Her dad is a naked rat and I’m wondering if she will go naked since she is quite bare on her back. She’s smaller then her sisters so it might just be that she hasn’t grown it properly yet.

And here’s baby number three. She’s a little shy so it’s a bit tricky to get a good picture of her. She has the softest fur I ever did stroke. I hope she will warm up to us eventually.

We haven’t decided on names yet, I want to get to know them a little more first. Last night two of them fell asleep on my shoulder when we were watching tv. It was so cute I almost cried.

I can’t wait to see what they grow in to. They are in a cage next to Phoenix and Lillan and they are going crazy in there. They can smell the babies and Lillan is sniffing for them all day.

I can’t wait to introduce them, but I will wait until the babies are at least 7-8 weeks old. I hope my girls will accept the newbies, but I think they will.

Time for a workday, I was home yesterday since I’ve been ill but today I’m feeling ready to work again.

See you soon!


I really missed my rats when I was gone. The first day back they were sulking a little with me but after some treats and play time they were back to normal.

I’m teaching them a new trick, we started yesterday. So far they know “spin”, “stand”, and “jump”. Now I’m adding “run to my shoulder”. I whistle every time they do it, hoping that they will eventually run straight up as soon as I whistle. Phoenix got it yesterday, and this morning. Lillan is a little lazier so she hasn’t quite understood it yet.

Wednesday today, I can’t wait for Friday! Half way there.


I had such a great evening yesterday. As soon as I came home, I put on some relaxing music, lit some sented candles and changed into my yoga clothes. I used to do yoga for an hour 5 days a week, but the last year I can count on my fingers how many times I’ve taken the time to do it. I’m an expert at making up excuses such as no time, to tired, rather eat a bag of crisps and watch Netflix.

It’s so important to take that time for yourself, even if it’s only 10 minutes. My life has a very fast tempo and the days are long. If I don’t slow down when I get home I have troubles sleeping and the next day I’m even more tired.

Since I’ve done yoga for so many years I don’t need to go to a class or have an instructor, but you can find so many yoga classes on YouTube!

There’s also an app that I’ve been using when I want to do a guided class or just get some new inspiration called “Down Dog”. You can choose what level you’re at, what area of the body you want to focus on, what music you like and much more.

I just wanted to share and hopefully inspire you to give yoga a go. It’s a great way to slow down and learn to be in control of your breathing and your body.

Summery of Thailand

And it’s over, my one and only week of holiday this summer. How bittersweet. In order to not despair I’ve decided to make a little summery of my trip!


I finished work a little early, grabbed a taxi to the ferry pier and hurried home to grab my language and my man before getting taxi number 2 to the airport. I live on the same island as the airport so it’s super cheap and convenient to book a taxi when going. At the airport we met up with Sarah who was taking the same flight as us. Apparently we had to wait on the airplane for an hour before we took off. Fortunately, I was sleeping as soon as I sat down so I didn’t notice it much.

It’s a 3 and a half hour flight to Phuket from Hong Kong and we landed around 1am. In Phuket we had taxi number 3 waiting to take us to our hotel. We didn’t get to bed until 3.30am and I can’t with word describe how wonderful it was to finally lay down on that rock hard bed.


🎼Dun dun dun dun, dun dun dun dun, dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun!

Can you guess what song that is? Yes, the wedding song! It was time for Emma & Greg’s wedding! I never really been to a wedding before so we were very excited! Me and Nathan spend the day walking around Kata. It was a bit of a mixed bag regarding the weather. We went from this:

To this:

To this:

To blue skies in about 10 min. The blue skies photos seem to be non existent though so just trust me on that one.

Once we had passed lunchtime we went back to the hotel to get ready. Nathan tried desperately to find a iron somewhere since his clothes had gone a bit wrinkly, but failed the task. I don’t think anyone noticed though.

Our friends were going to pick us up with a taxi on their way to the venue but because of some language barrier this also failed. Nathan was annoyingly positive over the situation and said with a confident strong voice “let’s just walk!” It was hot. I had make-up on my face. Heath+make-up=pool of brown/black/pink mess on my dress. And on top of that, if we walked we would definetly have been late. You can’t be late for a wedding!

Just when I was about to sit down on the street sulking like a 3yr old, a tuk tuk came and saved the day!

We arrived in time! And the wedding was beautiful! Just look at her!

The ceremony was moving, funny and cleverly written. I really enjoyed it, thank you so much for having such an amazing wedding!

After the ceremony me and Nathan took some stylish photos at the beach.

The food was amazing, it was a buffet and they had so much that I could eat! They even had glutenfree bread! When we got to the desserts, the waiter brought out a selection of glutenfree options that almost made me cry of happiness. People are allowed to cry at weddings, right?

That tray of heavenly treats were just for me. #goals or whatever the young people would write.

The newly wed couple did the traditional cutting the cake activity in a quite untraditional way.

With a sword. I love their style. And speaking about traditions, guess who caught the bouquet?

Ok fine, it kind of got handed to me. Still counts. Right?


Since we don’t seem to like sleeping in or resting to much, we woke up at 6am and got on a boat to Phi Phi island. We slept most of the way to be honest, but luckily I woke up just in time to get some views from upper deck before we landed. Landed? You know what I mean.

We spend about one hour in Phi Phi. I had some very spicy food and a very delicious ice cream.

And then we got on an other boat to Koh Lanta. Once there, we stayed in a really cute bungalow with walking distance from Long Beach.

We bought some essentials like sun tan lotion, water and snacks before going to the beach where we had food and chilled. As you can imagine, we felt a bit rough at this point.


Time to explore the island! We rented a scooter and cruised around for hours!

At one point I needed to go to the toilet, and we entered something that at first looked like a restaurant but turned out to be a quite fancy hotel. The toilet was great and since the pool was just there, basically begging us to jump in, we had a swim before continue our journey.

There’s lots to see and do on Koh Lanta. We stopped by at this super cute little jewellery shop:

I was more impressed by the house then the jewellery, isn’t it increadable? The guy build it! We also passed a rubber tree forest!

We adventured around until the evening, which we spend playing cards and eating delicious food down at the beach again.


Time for some booked activities! After breakfast, we had a tuk tuk to pick us up and take us to the ferry pier. There waited a speedboat. We met a wonderful Norwegian family on our way there who we spend most of the day with! Both parents and the four daughter’s had a great sense of humour and such a caring personality.

We did 4 islands in a day. It included a pretty near-death-experience boat ride, snorkelling for pretty fish, a life-changingly delicious lunch, bare feet cave exploring and adorable monkey feeding.

Here’s a ton of pictures.

I don’t think I ever been happier then when the monkey say next to me, having a snack. I even got to stroke her. Love.


Fire up the oven! I’ve already written about this day in a previous post, and I don’t have that much to add. Except a quote from the cooking teacher.


I didn’t know if I should laugh or run. I laughed. It seemed to be the right option.


I’ve blogged about these days already, just wanted to add a little moment when we were on our way back to the hotel at night and we met 5 kittens.

They were so cute!

Thank you Thailand. I’ll see you again one day.

Koh Phi Phi

What a great day it’s been today! I think a change of scenery was exactly what we needed. We kicked it off by taking a boat from Koh Lanta to Koh Phi Phi, which took about 1 hour and 20 min.

I closed my eyes for most of the trip. My body is really tired from the unknowingly gluten intake that happened a few times I believe.

As soon as we walked of the boat we saw the amazing turquoise ocean! Since it was still early and we hadn’t had breakfast yet, we directed our steps to Phi Phi Bakery where I had some glutenfree pancakes! Yes, you heared it. Just earlier today I, in a settle way off course, complained that I can only eat fruit salad, and there it was. Pancakes! What a great day! They also have glutenfree pasta so if you like me can’t eat gluten, I highly recommend it!

I think I wrote gluten about 10 times in that section. Sorry. I should probably not be this excited about glutenfree food. Gah, there it is again!

After breakfast we hurried to the beach!

The temperature in the water was just perfect! We spend about two hours here I reckon. It was a lovely place to rest up and get ready for the little climb up to the view point.

It was indeed a magnificent view, well worth the many steps up. And look who we found!

We rounded up with dinner and dessert before going back to the hotel. Last night in Thailand. Have anyone seen the freeze-the-time-button?